The basic beliefs of the Church of the Nazarene consists of sixteen Articles of Faith. What is contained below is a narrative summary of these articles.  If you would like to read the Articles in their entirety please click on this link 



We believe in one God and that He is all-powerful, creative, and ever present. We also believe that he is revealed as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (the Trinity).


We also believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the second member of the Trinity. He was revealed as fully man and was still fully God, and though he died for our sins, He was raised to life, conquering death. The third member of the Trinity is the Holy Spirit who convicts people of their sins, sanctifies believers and leads us into truth. The Bible is considered the Church’s authority and is fully inspired, both Old and New Testaments, revealing the will of God concerning the means of our salvation. Anything that is contrary to these Scriptures cannot be included as a part of these beliefs.


We believe in sin, both original and personal. Original sin is that which was committed by our first parents and remains in every individual, even after salvation. Personal sin is an act that is committed that is known to be contrary to God’s will and unless repented, will lead to eternal death. To remedy sin, God graciously gave His only Son Jesus whose suffering and death on the Cross provides the only grounds for our salvation. Every human being has a choice, though, to accept this grace by faith or to deny it, as well as to choose between right and wrong.


We also believe that every person ought to repent, which is a turning away from one’s sinful nature to believe in God, being led by His Spirit.

We believe that when someone turns to God, God grants them a full pardon from all past guilt and releases them from the penalty of sin. This new believer is then given distinctive spiritual life and is adopted as one of God’s children. All of this occurs simultaneously. After one is regenerated, we believe that there is another stage of complete devotement to God where love is made perfect, cleansing one’s heart from sin.  We call this holiness or entire sanctification.


We believe in the Church in that it is a community of people who gather together to confess Jesus Christ as Lord.


We also believe that there are two primary sacraments, instituted by Jesus Christ himself: baptism and communion. And we believe in the power of divine healing, offered up in the prayer of faith.


Finally, we believe in the second coming of Christ and in the resurrection of the dead, all being brought before the throne of God for final judgment.